Key Elements

In Vila Nova de Milfontes, beaches are part of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, and therefore have a distinguished and unique fauna and flora, as well as noticeable expanses of sand and a landscape filled with dunes and cliffs.

The sea provides a perfect environment for Surfing, with a lot of waves and just a few surfers – uncrowded beaches.

Surf is highly dependent on weather conditions, although predictable in the short-term, can change at any moment, wielding a great influence over the wind, swell and tide.
There are excellent conditions for surfing during the entire year, especially in the Autumn and Spring.
During the Winter, there are strong swells, ideal for those who want to acquire more experience and technique.
During the Summer, waves are smaller, ideal for beginners, although there are still great conditions to Surf for those who already are in an intermediate or advanced level.
The water is always cold, so students must wear a wetsuit. While in the Winter the water temperature varies between 14ºC and 20ºC, in the Summer it can achieve 25ºC.

Praia do Malhão

Located 7Km from Vila Nova de Milfontes.

It’s where most classes take place during the Summer.
SurfMilfontes has a wooden hut in the beach to store material that also represents an informative post and the place where people can rental some surfing material. During the Summer, it’s opened every day.

It Has a sandy bottom with several point breaks, ideal for any surfing level, from beginner to advanced.

Praia das Furnas

Located in the South shore of the Mira River, where it’s possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the mouth of the River and the Village.

It Has a sandy bottom, although
less exposed to the swell, gathering perfect conditions for classes with children and beginners.

In general, has small waves, which allows surfing lessons during the entire year, even in the Winter.

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