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“What a great experience! Both my boy and I started this surfing lessons without any experience and although it is not that easy as it seems (even one day we were in the water at 8h30 in the morning ) we were always full of enthusiasm. This thanks to the kind and appreciative support of the Tiago, Ivo, Miguel and Ant ó nio! Lessons are given in a relaxed atmosphere, sufficient stress is put to the safety aspects and they all give the necessary personal tips and tricks to make sure by the end of the week you are on that board, and have a wonderful experience. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! Luckily we bought some hoodies for the kids and keep this nice experience for a while with us”

Wouter Biesemans (Belgium)

“The first time I was taking surfing lessons at Surfmilfontes was already in 2017 and it was so nice that I had to come back this year. And I can’t wait to come back as soon as possible. Everyone was very nice and I look forward to seeing them again. Thanks to all the teachers, I learned a lot about surfing, they are very patient and answer every question detailed. Since my first surfing lesson I love surfing and I’m really thankful to everybody who taught me how to surf! I can only recommend Surfmilfontes!”
Noémie Huismann
“Both my teenage children took lessons with Surfmilfontes during summer 2017 and 2018. The teachers were very friendly and trustworthy. There were always several teachers, each of them responsible for a small group of surfers with about the same level. They took time to show each learner individually and helped them out in turn through the whole lesson. There were very generous with the length of the lesson (2 hours in the ocean). The Surfmilfontes team conveyed a caring and relaxed atmosphere. Both children were very enthusiastic and we can warmly recommend Surfmilfontes!”
Adrienne Huismann
“What an experience! I had my first surf lesson with surfmilfotes and it was amazing. The teachers are very professional and careful and thanks to them I could stand up on the board! I strongly recommend this experience and for sure surfmilfontes is the perfect school to choose (I’ m talking as beginner).”
Costanza Castellani (Italy)
“ Thank you very much for great experience! This was for the first time to surf and I enjoyed so much, that would like to try again. I appreciate all of your serious lessons and funny talk, I could learn a lot. I felt absolute safe in the sea with you guys. My holiday became something special, which I will remember for looooong time!”
Kawami Yuko (Japan)
“Surfmilfontes school is an outstanding one! All my surf instructors, Filipe, Pedro and Ivo, were professional & enthusiastic while performing creative surf lessons, each time flavoured with new exercises and goals that were for me always a big & playful challenge to reach them! With their creative way of teaching and constant motivating, I gained not just new surfing skills but even more, the sense of surfing as a connection with the ocean, like an endless learning & joyful process. Keeping the small groups and responsibility for our safety in the water is their great value! They are also great observers of your missing skills, you just cannot escape from their constant and clear and in the same time so motivating guidance! And that ’ s rare to find , therefore I appreciate a lot! Staying at Hike & Surf lodge was also charming! Beautiful & carefully maintained house in the very centre, with a big fully equipment kitchen for sharing the food & thoughts with new friends! Surfmilfontes team is like a fine-tuned orchestra that create professional & good vibes for your unforgettable surf & stay! Thank you! Aloha! Biba”
Biba Tominc (Eslovenia)
“Surfmilfontes is a great school, although it doesn’t feel like being at school because it’s fun all the time. The instructors, specially Antonio and Tiago are professional, friendly and knowledgeable.They made me feel comfortable and welcome from the first moment with their open attitude, and also when i was on the shore watching the others trying to learn i could see that they were supporting the whole group all the time, always with a smile on their face. I had 4 lesson and after the second one i was already able to stand on my feet (even for few seconds…), when it works the adrenaline is enormous! I definitively recommend this school to anyone, to learn a new discipline with such attention and support is a top experience! Thanks and hope see you soon.”
Sergio P. (Holanda)
“Every now and then you stumble across somewhere that is just incredible and this place is it for my family. From the moment we arrived – white legged and unable to surf – to five days later – brown legged and I still can’t surf but the kids were ace! – we had such a wonderful time. The guys that run this surf school are kind, patient, passionate surfers who made me and my family feel the most welcome we have ever felt on our travels. My eldest son was encouraged, supported and grew so much in confidence. It really doesn’t matter what level of surfer you are (I am a 0 out 10), the folks here look after you, share a joke with you and make you feel incredibly safe. I simply cannot recommend this place enough.”
Jodi S.

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