Surfing is feelingand feeling is livingIsn’t it good to be alive?

Our classes provide the possibility of including not only people who are already acquainted with Surf, but also those who have never had such an opportunity.

Above all, SurfMilfontes wants to provide exceptional experiences, capable of giving back smiles and creating unforgettable memories. It should be noted that instructors have a technical and didactic knowledge, which allows students to
progress quickly and acquire the right skills to become autonomous in the Sea. Moreover, classes can be taught, apart from Portuguese, in English, Spanish and German.

The Key to Success

Since SurfMilfontes is one of the most ancient Surf schools in Portugal, our learning experience has grown with thousands of students that, year after year, attend our lessons. Hence, classes are organized according to certain goals that enable students to have a clear perception of their level of Surf and their potential to flourish. By providing a goals’ chart (each with specific content), students can better evaluate themselves, manage their own challenges and expectations and, along with their instructor, learn, improve and thrive.

BEGINNER 1Take-off in foam and keeping balance.
BEGINNER 2Strengthening the take-off in foam with paddling.
INTERM 1Take-off in a “green wave” (before it breaks).
INTERM 2Take-off in a “green wave” with turning.
ADVANCE 1Strengthening the drop and bottom-turn;
Introducing the duck dive.

Always a Priority

One of our biggest priorities is, indeed, the safety of our surfers, so there’s only a maximum of 8 students per teacher, and the technique and progress of each are carefully assessed over the entire lesson. Additionally, during the theoretical part of the class, instructors teach appropriate ways of falling from the board into the sea, of head protection, of handling the board, and a set of other basic rules directly in the Sea.
As the level of experience increases, the initial safety guidelines are strengthened, and others are added, which, alongside technique, allow students to remember and apply those rules, essential to grow in surfing properly.

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