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SurfMilfontes started as a project aimed at kids and teenagers living in Vila Nova de Milfontes, back in 2003. It is the 1st surf school in town and one of the most ancient in the south-west Alentejo.

SurfMilfontes specially stands out for introducing a sport, that at the time, was poorly known among the villagers, and for developing some practices trying to raise people’s awareness towards Nature, along with its preservation.

Surfing Milfontes

Vila Nova de Milfontes is part of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park and belongs to the Municipality of Odemira. It’s considered to be in a privileged position for its proximity to the Mira River and the Ocean, which offers a great diversity concerning nautical activities.

Since the Vila is embed in a Natural Park, there are some unique characteristics regarding common areas, that not only must be looked-after but also well-preserved, and others yet to discover.

The Vision

SurfMilfontes believes that diversity is an intrinsic characteristic of any sport. Thus, we always arrange our classes so that any student can fit into them, regardless of their level of experience or age.

Indeed, Surf can be perceived in two different ways: either as an individual sport, or as an activity practised in team, where the experience and help of others can trigger challenging situations for some. Therefore, sharing the thrust behind such sport among students is highly important, because apart from including a thorough set of techniques, Surf easily becomes a lifestyle, where the communion with Nature and the permanent feeling of the Sea teach us valuing who we are and figuring out where we want to get.

Our school is accredited by the following entities:

RNAAT: 230/2016

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